Gayla Compton

Gayla Compton - Forever Young Foundation

Gayla Compton would love to save the world.

Short of that, she is actively managing the Maverick Foundation, the Compton’s own family foundation, engaged in encouraging people around the world and here at home to use their power and resource to improve their lives and others.  Desire to both give and participate go hand in hand.  Degrees and an early career in the social sciences have aided into the insight of these pursuits.

Family-focused, Gayla, along with her husband Kevin, are involved in several endeavors.  At the local level, they support and participate in the ongoing educational and athletic pursuits of Valley Christian Schools in San Jose and of Eastside College Preparatory School in East Palo Alto.

Youth and collegiate sports are also a focus, with consideration given to the value of doing one’s best in all activities.  They are involved with scholar-athletes at both the University of Notre Dame and Duke University.  They are also active in scholarships for the Bay Areas’ Positive Coaching Alliance, with Gayla serving on the selection committee.  The Sharks Foundation and The Aubri Brown Club are recipients of time and effort, as well.

Opportunity International, a faith-based micro-finance group, has been a longtime focal point, with Kevin and Gayla chairing the successful “Banking on Africa” capital campaign and travelling to various sub-Saharan countries to monitor the activity there.  The growth of businesses, and the subsequent growth of individuals and families continue to resonate there.  Gayla continues to work with the education arm of the same organization.  They, together and individually, have been seated on advisory boards, financial, directional, and philanthropic, in various organizations, and have most recently taken a role on the board of the United States Olympic Committee.

As a team, they have continued to be active in their church and their community, giving, teaching, volunteering, coaching, tutoring, and fundraising.  Gayla has also volunteered at Stanford Hospital and Clinics for the past several years.

A passion for not only helping, but helping others to help themselves, Gayla and Kevin both desire nothing more than to empower others to continue the good work.

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