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  • HGGC Steve Young Ski Classic

    Snowbird Ski Resort in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

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  • HGGC Steve Young Bay Area Classic

    Pebble Beach Golf Links, Pebble Beach, California

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  • HGGC Steve Young Mountain Classic

    Promontory Golf Club in Park City, Utah

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  • HGGC Steve Young Desert Classic

    Troon North Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona

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Our Initiatives

8 to 80
Creators Zone

Helping Underserved Communities

8 to 80 Creators Zones and our 8 to 80 Zones are a collaboration between Steve Young (#8) and Jerry Rice (#80), providing youth living in under-resourced communities leading industry equipment, mentorship, and the skills to pursue careers in technology, esports, gaming, and mass-media.

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Engage Now Africa

Fighting Poverty, Illiteracy, and Disease

Forever Young’s charitable efforts in Africa are administered through the African NGO, Engage Now Africa. Created by Lynette and Bob Gay in 2002, Engage Now is committed to fighting poverty, illiteracy, and disease in the countries of Ethiopia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Namibia.

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Forever Young Institute

Educating Nonprofit Leadership and Management

Forever Young gives back to the philanthropic community through their Forever Young Institutes— offering week long trainings that provide foundation leaders access to nonprofit mentorship and business management education.

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Forever Young Wellness

Resources to Achieve Physical, Social, and Emotional Wellness

Forever Young Wellness presented by Better Being Co. Forever Young Foundation has an abiding belief that children and young adults deserve access to programs and resources that help them achieve physical, social, and emotional wellness. Our Wellness Initiative is designed to bring together, amplify, and improve the accessibility of these remarkable resources.

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Forever Young Zones

Creative Expression, Recreational Therapy, and Educational Opportunities

Forever Young Zones serve children who are working through emotional and health challenges, or are living in underserved communities. Hospital and Media Zones focus on the child by providing space for creative expression, recreational therapy, and education opportunities.

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Sophie's Place

Music Therapy

Sophie’s Place is a dedicated music therapy facility built in children’s hospitals. These special spaces care for young people suffering from pain, chronic illness, and serious injury through evidence-based music therapy treatment.

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