Our locations are: San Francisco 49er Academy, East Palo Alto, CA. 1736 Family Crisis Center, Los Angeles, CA. NFL Yet College Prep Academy, Phoenix, AZ. Johnson STEM Activity Center, Atlanta, GA. YWCA of Miami-Dade, Miami, FL. Skills Center, Tampa Bay, FL.

8 to 80 Creators Zones and our 8 to 80 Zones are a collaboration between Steve Young (#8) and Jerry Rice (#80), providing youth living in under-resourced communities leading industry equipment, mentorship, and the skills to pursue careers in technology, esports, gaming, and mass-media.

These Zones not only allow for artistic expression but also afford students the opportunity to gain training on state-of-the-art equipment and software in the areas of virtual reality, coding, broadcasting, television, radio, graphic design, and game development.

  • Circuit EPA / Ravenswood School District

  • Hale Pono Boys & Girls Club

  • Nanakuli Boys & Girls Club

  • 1736 Family Crisis Center

  • Johnson STEM Activity Center

  • YWCA of Miami-Dade

  • Skills Center

  • NFL YET College Prep Academy

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The Playbook: Safety & Engagement Requirements

Forever Young Foundation takes the safety and well-being of our participants to heart. The Playbook contains Meta’s recommendations and best practices on how to optimally run the new 8 to 80 Creators Zones Together with Meta. This comprehensive resource outlines operational guidelines on Meta hardware, guest safety considerations, device training, content management, guest experience and more.