Forever Young Foundation partners with the Arbinger Institute, a
leader in management training and team building, to provide a
year-long training for nonprofit professionals. With a mission to
inspire excellence in nonprofit leaders and help build sustainable,
efficient charitable organizations, this forum instructs participants
in how to develop, implement, and update a one-year operating
plan and a three-year long-range strategic business plan.
Participants discover how to hold themselves accountable to their
contributors while keeping board members, staff, and volunteers
focused on achieving results. Through underwriting from Forever
Young Foundation, private donors, and corporations, this training
is offered at minimal cost to leaders seeking to ensure the
sustainability of their organizations for generations to come.

Since its inception in 2010, over a thousand nonprofit leaders
have participated in the Institute. In addition, to help previous
attendees face the unique challenges of 2020, we conducted
special edition two-day crisis management trainings via Zoom. We
were able to help over 25 nonprofits leverage the tools and
processes they learned previously to recalibrate strategy and
better respond to crisis.

Institute Agenda and Registration


Week #1 – Outward Mindset

January 16 - 17th

11-5 EST

Week #2 – Strategic Planning

January 24 - 25th

11-5 EST

Memories from Serving!